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Machines for rent to clean all Defaced/Black Currency

Patalpinta: 2017-09-16

We are a new company in india New Delhi, We are professional in cleaning Deface Notes, Coated Note, Anti-breeze bank notes, and also specialize in manufacturing of SSD chemical Solution used in cleaning all types of blackened, tainted and defaced notes. Our technicians are highly qualified and are always ready to handle the cleaning perfectly. Our solution is 100% pure with Guarantee. We clean all types of black, green, white note or deface note. Anti-Air Breezed Powders, Activation powder and many other products used in cleaning black note. We do offer the best professional services. Kindly Contact us now for SSD Chemicals & Services; EMAILS: cleanschemical@mail.com/cleanschemical@gmail.com Dr Godfrey Pablo INDIA OFFICE +918447569450 


Thanks for you are all welcome

Kaina: 14000.00€ (48,339.20 Lt)
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Adresas india
Telefonas +918447569450
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